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Recent reading (April)

  • Peter Kay, The Sound of Laughter – exactly as funny and self deprecating as you’d expect Peter Kay’s autobiography to be. A few weird quirks (“…that was a joke.”) that don’t seem to translate well to paper, but mostly good fun.
  • Dave Gorman, America Unchained – even funnier and even more self deprecating, Dave Gorman tries to cross the states without using any of the big franchises. I’d like to watch the documentary he was making during this.
  • Robert Harris, Pompeii – an utter waste of words. Neither entertaining nor interesting. I think I’m done with Robert Harris now.
  • Dr Nick Edwards, In Stitches – the book of the blog, bought to you by the Friday Project (remember that?). Frankly, Blood Sweat and Tea is much better. This one is repetitious, the rants are mainly moans and the touching moments are few and far between.
  • H. G. Wells, The Food of the Gods – I’d forgotten how witty Wells can be. This is a really funny one. More social satire than sci-fi, and hilarious throughout.
  • H. G. Wells, In the Days of the Comet – hmm. Not his best.
  • Steven Hall, The Raw Shark Texts
  • – A loan from Nick, and I thank him for it. It’s perhaps the most original and playfully delivered book I’ve ever read, despite a few flabby areas. You’d enjoy it. Apparently, Film 4 have the film rights, and I hope they do a decent job of the adaptation. I hope they do it soon too, and that Steven Hall writes a great many books as excellent as this one.

6 replies on “Recent reading”

  1. sorry you didny like my book

    i was all excited when i saw my book on your blog as your blog is one of the best around.

    never mind


  2. I’m quite possibly replying to a figment of someone else’s imagination here, but I feel guilty anyway. I should have pointed out that In Stitches did make me shed a couple of tears. I’d forgotten that. Must have been in a bad mood.

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve just ‘reviewed’ H.G. Wells with ‘hmmm’ and Robert Harris as ‘an utter waste of words’, so don’t take it too personally. :-)

  3. Sadly so.

    Note to self: reading books on a train while half awake is fine. Writing mini reviews of the same books under the same conditions may not be the best idea.

  4. Enjoyed the Dave Gorman documentary when it was shown. As usual, you’re varying your reading material far more than I am… I seem to have a lot of stuff on social media, and not so much anything else in the collection at the moment.

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