Recent Reading

Recent Reading (August)

  • The Autograph Man, Zadie Smith – easily the best and least irritating Zadie Smith book ever. Hated White Teeth? Try this one.
  • Choke, Chuck Palahniuk – dark, disturbing and funny in that way that Chuck Palahniuk (and, in their own way, Irvine Welsh and Iain Banks) can sometimes be.
  • Dead Air, Iain Banks – reread it again, mainly for the very-tense-can’t-possibly-put-it-down bit about 2/3 through. You know, when he’s got to do that thing wearing the gloves. Brilliant!
  • Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About, Mil Millington – Very very funny book. You should read it. (Apparently I last did so in December 2007 and it was a pleasure to do so again.) You should really also read his searingly funny website which pre-dates the book.
  • Love and Other Near Death Experiences, Mil Millington – nearly as funny as the other one. (And it seems I last read this one on a trip to San Francisco in December 2006. I knew blogging my reading habits would be good for something.)

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  1. I agree about dead air – have read several times & reminds me very much of the time I was working in London in 2002 roughly when this was set. Happy days :-)

  2. Thanks Alice. I like doing them and I’m glad you like them too.

    Ricky: looks like Banks’ latest book, Transition, was just published. Hurrah.

  3. Have you read any of Augusten Burroughs books? Raw and Running with Scissors are my two favorites. Based on some of the other books you liked, you might give him a try. Very biting, witty, black humor.


  4. I’ll be the dissenting voice and say that I thought Dead Air disappointing. I can’t quite remember why now – something to do with all the contemporary references, perhaps. I don’t know if you’ve read The Steep Approach to Garbadale – I thought that was pretty enjoyable.

  5. Neil: Dead Air can be a little smug, and definitely no Wasp Factory or The Bridge but I did enjoy it and it has more page-turney-ness than some of his others. And yep, I liked The Steep Approach to Garbadale too.

    Vicki: thanks for the tip. I’ll give them a go.

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