Fortnotes 10

[Being the tenth in a fortnightly series of brain dumps: what I’m working on, wondering and worrying about.]

A big refurb of the agency is nearly complete, which means we’re no longer squashed together like sardines and the office is once more pleasant place to be.

Being briefed on a couple of interesting new campaigns to see if there are any ways I can be useful. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as asking some questions and making some introductions. I’m trying to keep the number of projects I’m actually working on (as in, getting properly stuck in to and spending serious time on) down to just two or three at once. Trying not to spread myself too thin.

Some time working with creatives on some work for Honda, as well as working on a longer term bit of strategy stuff. Honda continues to take a large chunk of my time.

The other one I’m spending a lot of time on at the moment is a super secret project which I’d love to talk about, but really can’t. Sorry. It’s going to be awesome though. Some people are going to be working pretty much through the Easter holidays on it. I’m not doing that, and I definitely need to take some time off, but am actually a bit sad to be missing out on the next stage of seeing the current creative chaos come together into a real plan. It was good to spend a full day on it though. Spending a whole day thinking about one project felt like a real luxury.

Helping gather metrics and evaluate the performance of a couple of recent campaigns.

The agency celebrates ‘Founders Day’, the anniversary of the founding of the company (April 1st 1982), usually with a day of creative activities and a big party. It’s a bit of a highlight in the social calendar at W+K. Having now experienced my first one, I can say it definitely lives up to its reputation. Great fun, but also a wonderful way to meet people I’d not yet worked with (remember W+K London has more than 200 employees). Oh, and two people got tattoos.

Watched The Great Kevin Chesters give his condensed one-and-a-bit-hours version of everything he saw at TED 2011. Personal highlights from his highlights included:

After presenting ‘some of my collections in roughly chronological order‘ recently, I’ve been continuing to think about collection and curation. A couple more examples I’ve only recently discovered: STFU Parents and the Museum of Online Museums (see more about it here). It’s the mother lode!

The sun has got his hat on and the UK is very hot. And now, some time off. Perfect.

Buying: A new BBQ, plus garden table and chairs so we can enjoy the back garden. Portal 2 to bend my brain.
Watching: Submarine, Source Code, Twenty Twelve, Friday Night Dinner.