BlinkyTape bike indicators

I made a bike light indicator system out of a BlinkyTape, a PowerMonkey rechargeable battery and some Loom Bands.

BlinkyTape bike indicators

It starts off with the central front LEDs lit up bright white, and pressing the button on the BlinkyTape switches between steads/left/right indicator modes.

BlinkyTape bike indicators

The PowerMonkey is a simple little 5v rechargeable battery, with a variety of adaptors for charging various phones etc. It makes an ideal portable power source for the BlinkyTape.

BlinkyTape bike indicators

Here’s a video of it in action.

And I’ve put the source code online too.

I’ve also been experimenting with using the BlinkyTape PatternPaint app to do some light painting.

BlinkyTape Light painting with the BlinkyLight

Lots more fun to have here.

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  1. Have you kept this setup for your daily commute? If so, how successful is it?

    As you know, I was working on something similar over Christmas, but I shelved the project way before the stage you’re at now. I came to worry that my whole thinking was wrong, based as it was on me thinking assuming (correctly) that bicycles are traffic but (incorrectly) that cars ≡ traffic.

    I’m still trying to walk back from that error :o(

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