Within a month I have lost both of my grandfathers. Three weeks ago my dad’s dad (“granddad”) gave up a difficult struggle against a chest infection. We buried him and grieved and everything was getting back to normal. On Sunday morning my mum’s dad (“grandpa”) died. It was, unlike granddad’s death, with which everyone had […]

Another trip to San Francisco

Today is the first day of my trip to San Francisco. I was talking with a friend recently about this trip, and it turned out that he and I would both be flying on the same day. At this moment, he is flying to Brussels. “Brussels?” I exclaimed. “From London? That hardly warrants space travel”. […]

San Francisco, Day 3

Another foggy day in San Francisco. By the end of it I will have spent an hour misleading an art gallery. First though, I decide to head to Alcatraz. I feel that the weather should perfectly suit the mood of the setting. I am excited about visiting the Rock. The concierge at the Hilton dashes […]

San Francisco, Day 2

I awake to a dark and foggy morning. There is a false horizon, I can see only 4 blocks in any direction. My head feels a lot like the weather. Misty. Opaque. I was up until 11 last night drinking with some new friends. I reflect on how quickly one is able to make friends […]

San Francisco, Day 1

I love my job. I’m sitting in a 25th floor room in the Hilton, San Francisco, looking out across the city. Magnificent. I vow to ride up to the top floor later. From the 46th floor I will be able to see more than just this glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. I arrived yesterday […]

Dreamlog – Jan 25th 2001

I was in the back garden of a big house. There was a party going on, with loud music, drink and drugs. I decided to show off a bit, and started spinning round really really fast. Eventually was spinning with such speed that to everyone else, I was a blur. At this point I hopped […]

Dreamlog – Dec 4th 2000

Unusually for me, I remember 4 dreams. All very vivid. One. I went into a corner shop to buy a Kit Kat (a chocolate bar wrapped in foil and paper). The shopkeeper winked at me and showed me how to fold the wrapper in such a way as to conceal drugs in it. Suddenly the […]