Aww. That’s sweet.

One of the best bits about visiting different countries is picking up the local delicacies. I rediscovered my stash of American chocolate earlier. Here’s what I’ve been nibbling on today… Don’t bother with the Skittles or the ‘Goobers’ (stupid name for chocolate covered peanuts). The Dark Chocolate M&Ms are definitely the highlight.

Recent Reading

Here’s what I’ve been reading in the past few weeks. Lionel Shriver, ‘The Post-Birthday World’ – Think: Sliding Doors. From the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin (which I prefer). Nassim Nicholas Taleb, ‘The Black Swan’ – Interesting. If you’ve ever thought about risk management this could be a challenging thought provoking read. […]

Links for 2008-05-31

Robokill – Lovely top-down robot RPG shooter game [via:waxy Tegaki blog – “It’s easy to create handwriting blog by mouse!” BBC: Sound Index – “The Sound Index is a massive index of the hottest bands and tracks that are being talked about on the internet right now.” … “IBM’s Semantic Super Computing is used to […]

Welcome to the New Sincerity

For the past few decades, western culture has been marked by a postmodern ironic appreciation of the kitsch and the corny. I’m beginning to wondering what comes next. Bear with me. In this essay from 2006 the British philosopher Alan Kirby identifies the successor to postmodernism as being pseudo-modernism, which includes “all television or radio […]

Links for 2008-05-25

bowblog: What is Speechification? – Steve describes Speechfication. “we roam the corridors of the BBC’s archive selecting the stuff we think is really excellent, unusual or important and putting it on display” Wikiscanner reveals amusing HP-on-IBM vandalism – is great, and helped me spot this cute litte edit from 2006. “Dell have now bought […]