Normal service is resumed?

Kyb has a very cool post on ‘Domino Computation‘ which got  slashdotted yesterday. Of course, the server melted, and since Kyb, Nick and I are all on the same shared server, we all disappeared from the internets together. However, the Slashdot hordes seem to have thinned a little now, so we’re back up – meaning you can check […]


After work tomorrow I am planning to head over to Corbet Place for MiniBar4 at 6:00pm. Let’s see… I know Andy Piper is going to be there I’m hoping to catch up with Mario Menti (who did the BBC Twitter bots) stawberryfrog (who I remember fondly from Everything2 days) has expressed an interest, and incidentally […]

Map morphing

I’ve been fascinated with the London Underground since I was a small boy. These days, I probably see more of it than I’d like, but it’s still strangely exciting. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being in a transporter, and descending into the dark underbelly of the city only to emerge at some distant point in […]

Sending big files over a series of tubes

I am supposed to send a 13 MB presentation to 6 different people today. After a brief period of investigation and asking around, I opted to try DropSend. It’s sending (well, uploading and hopefully emailing) as we speak, and it’s taking forever, wobbling between 2KB and 10KB upload speeds. Does anyone have any suggestions for […]