New router

While I was away last week my wife had to cope with a dying wireless router, which began fizzing to signify the end of its useful life. I’m not a hardware expert, but I’ve always believed routers shouldn’t fizz. A quick trip to the local peripherals shop, and we are the proud new owners Belkin […]

Mac Mini

Just ordered a Mac Mini. I can already feel my hair growing. I got the 1.42 Ghz version, but with the base 256 MB of ram. I see Crucial are selling 1 GB sticks for waaay less than Apple, so I guess it’s time to find a putty knife … or some CAT5 … or […]

Home from Raleigh

I’m back in the UK. I’m tired, and working from the comfort of my bed today. I’m jetlagged (though that’s getting better). Update: It turns out that my wife not only had the same flight numbers and the same meals as me when she flew out last month (not that surprising, since AA don’t have […]