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Uh-oh. I’ve discovered NetHack

It’s just as well I didn’t come across it 20 years ago; this is addictive. ┌──────┐ │…@..│ │……│ │..d…+ │……│ │……│ │……│ └──────┘ I’ve been killed a great many times already today (including once by a kitten) and I have a lot to learn. (Speaking of which, E2 has a fascinating node on the subject […]

Home from Raleigh

I’m back in the UK. I’m tired, and working from the comfort of my bed today. I’m jetlagged (though that’s getting better). Update: It turns out that my wife not only had the same flight numbers and the same meals as me when she flew out last month (not that surprising, since AA don’t have […]

Fire Alarm

Still at the conference. The fire alarm went off at around 6:30 this morning. A lovely wake-up call and, since the conference is also in the hotel, the first time that many of us have been outside since we arrived on Sunday.There way, of course, no fire and we were back inside within 5 minutes. […]

Software Group Technical Conference – Raleigh

A big conference in Raleigh (North Carolina) starts today. I got in yesterday and will be back in the UK on Thursday morning. The flight out was OK. AA seem to be skimping on the food and entertainment budget but I had a book so I was happy. The hotel (the Sheraton Imperial) is great […]


Within a month I have lost both of my grandfathers. Three weeks ago my dad’s dad (“granddad”) gave up a difficult struggle against a chest infection. We buried him and grieved and everything was getting back to normal. On Sunday morning my mum’s dad (“grandpa”) died. It was, unlike granddad’s death, with which everyone had […]

Another trip to San Francisco

Today is the first day of my trip to San Francisco. I was talking with a friend recently about this trip, and it turned out that he and I would both be flying on the same day. At this moment, he is flying to Brussels. “Brussels?” I exclaimed. “From London? That hardly warrants space travel”. […]

San Francisco, Day 3

Another foggy day in San Francisco. By the end of it I will have spent an hour misleading an art gallery. First though, I decide to head to Alcatraz. I feel that the weather should perfectly suit the mood of the setting. I am excited about visiting the Rock. The concierge at the Hilton dashes […]

Today was a good day

Oooohhh. This morning I felt GOOD. All day yesterday I had a hangover. The mother of all hangovers and the father-of-all-hangover got together again for one night to make a little baby BASTARD of a hangover just for me. It was self-inflicted of course. No-one ever had a hangover without it being their own fault. […]