Who says social media is all about what we had for breakfast and other wanky-navel-gazing? Twitter lets me share important (and not so important) news with my friends. For more interestingly though, it allows us to connect around the issues of the day. I was at home this morning and Twittered the inception of a plan… rooreynolds: […]


Three examples of an annoying phenomenon. Me: Hi. I’ll go for a large quarter pounder cheese meal please, with coke to drink Fast food operative: Quarter pounder cheese. Would you like to go large? Me: Yes please. Fast food operative: And what drink would you like with your meal? Me (trying not to grit teeth): […]

Security fatigue

I think I’m suffering from security fatigue. On any given day in London Waterloo I’m likely to hear this over a loudspeaker: “At this time of heightened security, it is important to report any suspect package or luggage to a member of staff immediately” while reading this on a screen: *SECURITY ALERT* PLEASE KEEP ALL ITEMS OF […]

"Please consider the environment before printing this email"

I keep seeing this sage advice at the bottom of emails. Do people honestly do this? Am I badly out of touch, or would other people also consider that even thinking about printing out email a mind-numbingly silly thing to do? It got me wondering how much paper I’ve saved by not even thinking about […]