Links for Thursday 19th July, 2007

QR Code Generator – Something I’d like to do with the Moo stickers. Tagging the physical objects in my life with useful metadata. It seems Datamatrix barcodes can get even smaller. Yay. [YouTube] Watch the World(s) – Vincent machinima – Art in Second Life. 4:17 of gorgeousness. Made by Robbie Dingo (who created Suzanne Vega’s […]

Links for Wednesday 18th July, 2007

[Locus] Cory Doctorow: The Progressive Apocalypse and Other Futurismic Delights – “The Singularity is what happens when we have so much progress that we run out of progress. It’s the apocalypse that ends the human race in rapture and joy. Indeed, Ken MacLeod calls the Singularity ‘the rapture of the nerds’” Ian M Banks: A […]

Election night links

Below are some tools to help with your election night enjoyment…From the BBC: Scorecard – refreshes annoyingly frequently, but keep you up-to-date with results. Map – watch your constituency, or the overall picture. Blog – BBC blog content has traditionally been excellent Seat-by-seat results Streaming news player – watch headlines and election news online. News […]