Something for the weekend? After watching Chris Delay from UK games company Introversion Software presenting at Playful last week, I went digging around their back catalog. I’m excited about their upcoming game, ‘Subversion‘, but I was pleased to be able to download demos of Uplink, DEFCON and Darwinia. DEFCON is already a personal favourite. I […]

Links for 2008-10-12

The Observer: Danger lurks for BBC’s bloggers – Peter Preston on Robert Peston: “Blogs don’t go through anxious committees of editors, pondering deeply. They are self-publication, performed at the double. No criticism of Peston there. Came the hour, came the man & his fans. Yet do you hear, somewhere just off set, the sound of […]

Links for 2008-10-10

Is Linking to Yourself the Future of the Web? – O’Reilly Radar – “I understand the value of linking to other articles on your own site — everyone does it — but to do so exclusively is a small tear in the fabric of the web, a small tear that will grow much larger if […]

Social Networking report – highlights

I received a copy of the ‘Social network marketing, engagement marketing and brands‘ report by Tom Chapman yesterday. You can request your own copy here (I don’t think it will cost you any money. Feel free to say I sent you). If you’re interested in social networking platforms can do for your brand or business, […]

Links for 2008-10-02

Media Monkey: Hardeep Singh Kohli terminates BBC radio interview – “Is this the worst radio interview ever?” Seems that way. Very Alan Partridge. BBC Common Platform – Steve Bowbrick blogs about the common platform. For the next few weeks, he’ll be writing about his stint at the BBC. Yay. SFGate: Nasty as they wanna be? […]

Links for 2008-09-22

Charlie Brooker reviews ‘Hole in the Wall’ – “But really, so what? We’ve been here before. It’s basically a Nintendo version of It’s A Knockout. And, what’s more, once you factor in the knowledge that the contestants are competing for charity, it looks less like the death of civilisation and more like a daft game […]