Exploring the UK Government online – They Work For You and the Public Whip

I’ve known about TheyWorkForYou.com for some time, but had not really explored it properly until this weekend. I also unearthed two underlying services: the Parliament Parser, which hosts structured data on MPs and their debates, and The Public Whip, which uses that same data and tracks voting patterns. I happened to be listening to Prime […]

Links for Saturday 24th November, 2007

Why no hate in Web2.0? – “Nobody ever (to my knowledge) maps negative relationships ? enemies, people you don?t like, blockers and naysayers.” isolatr.com comes to mind. I’ve been collecting more… Introvertster – ‘the new way to get rid of people’ – “Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing […]

Moshi Monsters – Get Your Rox Off

Mind Candy (the company behind Perplex City) have a new project. Moshi Monsters is their latest thing, and I really like it. It’s actually two things in one: a flashy-spinny-phone-charm-thing and a web-pet-tamagotchi-puzzle thing. The ‘MoPod‘ mobile phone charms are conveniently available from Michael Smith’s other company, Firebox. Let’s start there, since it’s currently (at […]

Links for Wednesday 21st November, 2007

Wired.com: IBM To Use Game Environment for SOA Training – Early Wired post on Innov8 business process modelling game (which is now available). TwitterPoster | United Kingdom – UK version of Twitter Poser. I mean Poster. Donald Ferguson Blog – Don’s back with a new blog. [via Andy P] Wired: Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader […]

Links for Monday 19th November, 2007

IET.TV – 30th Mountbatten Memorial Lecture (Roo Reynolds on Work Learn and Play in Virtual Worlds) – Distressingly, the Mountbatten Lecture video was taken down. When it went back up, it had a new URL. Clifton Cameras – Recommended to me as a good source of reasonably priced memory cards. BBC News: ‘Virtual theft’ leads […]


Russell and Steve recently invited me to join the Speechification team, where I have been happily sharing my favourite bits of speech radio. Any team needs its initiation rites, and mine ended up being migrating the blog from Tumblr to something with comments. WordPress 2.3.1 seemed like a good bet. I have not been keeping […]

Links for Saturday 10th November, 2007

Parents BBFC – Detailed parental advice for films and games. MindCanvas – “What is a MindCanvas method? Its a game-like research. Results are displayed as interactive visualizations.” “Everybody hates surveys. Everybody loves games. With game-like elicitation methods users enjoy giving you design feedback.” James Governor’s Monkchips – IBM’s Consumer Business: Tell The Story, Boost The […]

Links for Thursday 1st November, 2007

Interesting South – Russell’s Interesting conference hits the southern hemisphere: “This conference is not about brands, advertising, blogging or twitter but a wide variety of interesting, unexpected, original things” SXSW – organising a panel – “want to ensure that your panel will have some productive disagreement? Then look for a diverse selection of genders, ages […]