Links for Thursday 11th October, 2007

Good News, Bad News about Facebook Application Market: Long Tail Rules – Why thinking to youself ‘oh, I know, we’ll create a Facebook app’ is not the shortcut to popularity, fame and riches. Plopp SecondLife – Really easy (a-la Archipelis) free tool for building sculpties for SL. [via qLab] Guy Parsons talk at the “reader/writer […]

Happy Birthday (and thank you), SlideShare

It seems my presentation from yesterday’s talk at IT4Arts has been selected, by whatever selection process exists, to be the “slideshare of the day” on SlideShare. I’m glad I added the audio track last night. In other, related, news: SlideShare is one year old today. Happy birthday, (and thank you), SlideShare.

Links for Thursday 4th October, 2007

SlideShare: Using Virtual Worlds To Reach New Audiences And Increase Participation – Roo Reynolds – My slides for a talk on Thursday. Aimed at IT managers for big arts organisations. I want to talk about the power not just of virtual worlds but more generally participatory media, user generated content, etc. Now with audio Blockland […]

Links for Tuesday 25th September, 2007

Urban Dictionary: Cookie – Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for helping me understand Blue Peter ‘Socksgate’ more fully. I see why Cookie is clearly a terrible name for a cat. raveneats on Twitter – “Declarative dieting” James Governor – You can keep your ‘business language’: that’s not meaningful conversation – “I don’t only want to know […]

Links for Thursday 20th September, 2007

University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum – Disturbing stuff. russell davies: powerpoint as a toy for thought – “what could PowerPoint learn from GuitarHero?” ARS Electronica – “he results of the 1st Annual Architecture & Design Competition are in! From a total of 126 submissions, an international jury that deliberated at Architekturforum Linz […]

Links for Monday 17th September, 2007

Teasing the world, Microsoft style – Dennis covers the blue monster wine announcement in fine style. Hugh: “Wine is a social obect”. [Twitter] Joi Ito: Hello continuous partial friends – Joi describes his twitterbuddies as “continuous partial friends”. It made me chuckle. Draw Anywhere – easy online diagramming, flow chart – “DrawAnywhere is an online […]