Links for Saturday 25th August, 2007

43 Folders: Your best tip on doing presentations – Merlin Mann asked people for their best presentation tip. Here are some. 43 Folders: How I made my presentations a little better – Merlin Mann’s hints on presentation style. Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds (no relation) on presentation design. occasional mind dumps: time hacks – Woodly […]

Links for Thursday 16th August, 2007

Terra Nova: Augmented Mixed Reality – Real to virtual and back again – Ian’s thoughtful post on Terra Nova. Augmented reality and virtual worlds. Xbox Game Content Usage Rules – Clarifying what fans can do with MSFT game content is a good move. Saying “You can’t add to the game universe or expand on the […]

Links for Tuesday 14th August, 2007

geobloggers » For I am Lord and Master of all Subtlety, Flickr & geo(in)RSS & KML – Nice intro to some new Flickr features. KML support and an RSS feed for geotagged photos. Nifty. Neal Stephenson: In the Beginning was the Command Line – “Back in the days of the command-line interface, users were all […]

Links for Monday 6th August, 2007

Irving Wladawsky-Berger: “Killer Apps” and Virtual Worlds – IWB on IBM’s virtual worlds guidelines. On dreads in SL: “Before I could answer the question Philip Rosedale stepped in and said that one of the coolest avatars he has seen in Second Life is that of epredator, – aka Ian Hughes, –  one of our virtual […]

Links for Wednesday 1st August, 2007

Chris Anderson: The Long Tail: Why I gave up on Second Life – Be sure to read the comments too. On banning social computing in the enterprise – “With a (nearly) always connected workforce, the eight hours a day, five days a week model is broken. The hyper-productive burst model is now the winner.” Kids […]