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Flickr is great, isn’t it? Last week, they introduced in–browser photo editing Fractal Flame 1(via Picnik), and this Thursday they added stats.  If you’re a Pro user, go and activate stats for your account. I think you’ll like it.

By digging around my stats, I now know that this generated ‘fractal flame’ picture (generated using Apophysis) appears on the first page of the results for a Yahoo image search for ‘flame’.

flickr_statsAnd it seems to be getting (relatively) more popular as a result.

Some other interesting (to me) facts:

  • Only 3% of my Flickr traffic comes from my blog (I was expecting that to be higher)
  • 19% comes from Google, 10% from Yahoo (a total of 30% from search engines) while 41% of traffic comes from within Flickr itself.

What fun.

Channel 4

I love walking through London with my camera.

Moving through the Channel 4 logo Moving through the Channel 4 logo Channel 4 Channel 4 Behind the Channel 4 logo

Channel 4‘s offices on Horseferry Road (SW1) are quite striking. The big 4 logo outside is stunning, and walking past it is just like being in one of their adverts.

Iceland Airwaves – hangovercast #1

Sam and I woke up this morning with mild hangovers after the first night of Airwaves. We made a hangovercast over breakfast in which we mumble about the bands we saw last night. Enjoy.

Hangover cast #1 – Wednesday night

Here are the bands we saw…

12 Tonar:



12 Tonar Rökkurró Þórir Lights on the Highway Shadow Parade

Iceland – day 2

An 8am start in order to sort out rental car and have breakfast. (The sausage, egg, beans and weird-cold-potato-cubes were tolerable, but Sam made an exciting discovery: muesli, yogurt and watermelon makes a refreshing breakfast.)

Theory: “golden hour” lasts all day here. At this time of year, even in the afternoon the sun is low in the sky, giving you that lovely near-dusk look.

Packed cameras, tripods, mp3 recorder, spare batteries, sweets, bottles of water, maps, plenty of extra layers. 12 hours and 500km later, we had seen…

  • The lake and nature park of Þingvellir (the whole country looks like a nature park to me)
  • The geyser at Geysir (the one which lends its name to all the worlds geysers)
  • The (huge) waterfall at Gullfoss (with amazing ice formations thanks to the spray)
  • Ate another amazing hotdog
  • Keriđ crater (water-filled dead volcano)
  • Seljalansfoss (tall skinny one)
  • Skogafoss (shorter, fatter one)
  • Vik (town on South coast with a beach of black volcanic sand)
  • Passes the greenhouse village all nicely lit up
  • Stopped at a geothermal power station to take long exposure pictures (and got asked “what are you doing here?” by a security guard)
  • Drove around for a while following the pillar of light which is the John Lennon memorial. Eventually found it (and got some mediocre photos of a spectacular sight)

Geysir Gullfoss Grass Vik Power station

Back to the hotel room and paid 500ISK (a little under £5) for 1 hour of wifi to upload photos and check email. Strange, when it’s free in every bar. The Airwaves music festival starts tomorrow. Very exciting.

Iceland day 1

My brother Sam and I are in Iceland for a week. We flew in this afternoon from London Heathrow to Iceland Keflavik, which 40 minutes outside Rekjavik.  Importantly, it’s also only 15 minutes from the Blue Lagoon – an amazing geothermally outdoor pool full of blue-green algae and strange squishy mud. The departure of the transfer bus was kept waiting by group of kids delayed in the airport, but we soon forgave them when they turned out to be a choir. A choir which sang beautifully on the bus (and even, briefly, in the lagoon).

I don’t think I’ve yet found a better way to relax and de-stress after a flight then soaking for a couple of hours in hot, eggy, milky blue water. There’s a waterfall, grotto-like steam room, and a sauna (which we ignored). Dotted around the edge of the lagoon itself are containers from which you can scoop mayonnaise-like mud. Rubbing white mud onto your face is nice, but the biting wind means you really want to keep your face dry.

Post lagoon, San introduced me to the best hot dog in the world ever, complete with the local treat of crunchy onion bits. Here’s a tip: go to the blue lagoon and on the way out, have a hot dog.

Iceland skies Blue! Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon

The hotel is basic, and a 20 minute walk into town, but comfortable. Comparing tour prices with car rental was amusing: 7000 ISK (£70?) per person for one 8 hour trip around three or four of the major tourist attraction (Gullfoss, Geysir, etc). Renting a car, however, is only 4995 ISK for 24 hours. That’s tomorrow sorted then.

Walk into 101. The wind is cold, and initially my nose and ears are stinging, so I remember the technique of wrapping a scarf around your head. With that, a hat and a hood, I’m pretty cosy, with the exception of my thighs. And so, we walk into the hippest town centre between London and New York – Reykjavik 101. Hot chocolate at a cafe, then find the 10pm showing of Sigur Ros ‘Heima’ film at a nearby cinema. Wow. Back at around 1am, tired and happy.

More photos are being added to this set as I can upload them.

Contact details

Roo's Business Card(s)I mainly took this photo to use in presentations. A few people have suggested that a nice macro shot of a business card would be a good way to share those details in an attractive way.

Double bonus: the narrow depth of field means my phone number is too blurry to read.

If you need to contact me and commenting here, email, Twitter, Facebook,, Flickr, SlideShare, (etc) are not an option, feel free to leave a voicemail at at +44 1512 664264. This will let me listen to the message but also (thanks to SpinVox) transcribe the message to text for me and send me an email and text message.

What do you do again? My Serious Virtual Worlds presentation

A number of people have asked me recently “what is it you do again?”. When I tell my friends and family that I’m giving a presentation at some conference or another, they very rarely have any idea of what I mean. So, if you’ve always wondered what sort of nonsense I’ll stand up on stage and spout at a captive audience, here’s your chance to find out.

This week I was at Serious Virtual Worlds in Coventry presenting ‘virtual worlds for corporate collaboration’ where I mostly talked about social networking and why it’s important.

If you have 29 minutes to spare, and if SlideShare is feeling friendly, you can hit the play button to start the audio and, thanks to the magic of technology, the slides will progress at pretty much the right time.

Continue reading What do you do again? My Serious Virtual Worlds presentation…

Three haircuts

Three Haircuts

Adam and Helene’s wedding

I spent a long weekend in Germany celebrating Adam and Helene’s wedding. It was amazingly good fun, and pretty much everything in the wedding service and the party afterwards was translated from German into English (and vice-versa) so nobody felt left out. We had a cadeleigh, a bouncy castle, various games and even a bonfire with marshmallows. A wonderful day. In fact, a wonderful few days, because a whole gang of us went over together and enjoyed a long weekend there.

Family   Helene   Adam   Ceidleigh Dancing   Fire!

Lake   Shimmer   On the lake   Lights and Bunting   The world's ugliest clock-tower

Some of those who attended read this blog, so here’s a call for anyone who took photos to add them to the group pool.

This is a nice excuse to mention a couple of new features of Flickr, which Andy pointed me at recently. The group pool (just like every user) now automagically has an RSS feed for geotagged photos as well as a Google Earth KML file. This makes me happy.

Parkour. It looks like more effort than Parquet.

Last month I invented Parquet: urban free standing. Today I was wondering around Southbank and saw a crowd of young chappies doing the real deal.

Parkour - triplets Parkour - mid flight Parkour - twins Out Patients Out Patients

I was particularly impressed that they were doing all of this right outside the The Royal Waterloo Hospital for Children and Women. Very sensible of them.

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