SXSW day 3 – Laptop Tattoos and the Accordion Guy

Austin Laser Art were at the Screenburn arcade yesterday and today, offering free laser etching on iPods, Moleskine notebooks, laptops, and in fact pretty much anything you handed them. They offered a book full of designs, or you could email in your own EPS file. I found this lovely Transformers logo, which they quickly used […]

SXSW day 2 – Worst Website Ever

Even more interesting and wonderful things at SXSW today. I saw the Rocketboom gang sitting behind me in a panel on video blogging (at which Bre Pettis was presenting). Later I watched Corey Bridges ranting eloquently on the future of gaming and virtual worlds (“Sucks to be you, media oligopolists”), and Dan Hon being similarly […]

SXSW day 1 – Battledecks

Day 1, and the first job was to pick up the bag and directory. There are a lot of bags waiting to be picked up. I took in a couple of panels in the afternoon. In between them, the interactive playpen – a huge pile of Lego under the escalators – attracted children, playful geeks, […]

(Rough) plans for SXSW 2008

I’m packing for SXSW tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I’ve pulled together a (rough) schedule, thanks to the lovely SCHED ( This is a bit more complete than my previous list of things-not-to-miss. Of course, that list still contains the panel I’m sitting on (‘Stories, Games and Your Brand’) with Rachel Clarke, Jeremy Ettinghausen and Dan Hon. […]