Yo-yo tuning; tangible audio

I’ve been thinking about augmented reality and tangible stuff in relation to music recently. A while ago I hacked together a RFID reader and rotary encoder (using cheap-ish off the shelf USB kit from Phidgets) into a virtual knob. Ian captured me giving a quick (“it’s me knob demo!“) demonstration in the office a couple […]

Inbox Zero – Merlin Mann’s tech talk

Last week I shared my notes from David Weinberger’s ‘Everything is Miscellaneous’ tech talk. This week, I’m watching Merlin Mann talking about Inbox Zero (something at which I was successful in 2005, but have been failing to keep up). These are the notes I took while watching the video of Merlin’s talk (the slides are […]

Roo on Google

Google for “Suw” and you get Suw (Chocolate and Vodka) Charman. Google for “Matt” and you get Matthew (Photo Matt) Mullenweg. This way of finding people is definitely way more convenient than URLs. It got me wondering about “Roo”, and when I checked I was pleasantly surprised to find myself lurking in the top 10 […]