Twitter and The Apprentice – some quick observations

I wrote last year about the ‘data flood’ that confronts you if you try to watch what everyone on Twitter is saying about the Apprentice. Well, it’s back, and more talked about than ever. This isn’t surprising of course. Twitter has grown a lot since March last year, and people will always talk about what’s […]

How teenagers consume media, apparently

There’s a bit of work-experience-as-research from Morgan Stanley doing the rounds this week. It’s called “‘How Teenagers Consume Media’ by Matthew Robson (Aged 15 yrs & 7 months)” and if you want to read it you can download the PDF from the FT or the the Evening Standard. (Incidentally, isn’t that weird? Where’s the download […]

Second screen: this works for me

It’s Wednesday, so it’s Apprentice night again. Tonight I’ve been using Visible Tweets on an open laptop next to the TV. Ray was complaining about motion-sickness with Twitterfall running in the background. Visible Tweets (thanks to Andy for the tip) is a nice alternative. Eye-catching, simple and beautiful in full screen mode, it’s less comprehensive […]

Apprentice + Twitter = data flood

Series 5 of The Apprentice started on BBC One last night. Wondering what the web would be saying about it, I enjoyed the two-screen experience by watching the programme on TV while also looking down at a laptop on my lap with tabs open on Anna Pickard’s live blog on the Guardian, the Apprentice message […]

The Real Britney Becomes a Bit More Real

Compare and contrast: Stephen Fry, John Cleese and Britney Spears are all on Twitter. Brittney’s account is called ‘therealbritney’, but it initially read more like a collection of abbreviated press releases than anything else. Talking about things like “Britney’s new YouTube channel” and asking “Have you joined the Britney social network yet? Connect with other […]

Blogjects and Tweetjects

Before there were blogjects, there were blobjects. In the closing speech at SIGGRAPH 2004, Bruce Sterling started by talking about blobjects, or blob-shaped consumer items. Blobjects are the period objects of our time. They are the physical products that the digital revolution brought to the consumer shelf. Sterling goes on (via ‘gizmos’, the current state […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-02-20

Twitter updates from my mobile seem not to be working today. How annoying. # So far have given a presentation, seen Miguel Imas talk about storytelling and Nicole Dempster talk about the Guardian’s use of social media # Now scoffing a quick lunch under the golden arches on Victoria St (free wifi, music is too […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-02-09

Gently tutting at Matter blog for using Creative Commons Attribution Flickr photos without credit: # It seems tutting had the desired effect. # Lunch, then a drive. # Combining lunch and the drive: KFC for breakfast on the way to somewhere coastal. I love the freedom to be childish that adulthood brings. # Arundel […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

LinkedIn gardening. Adding people I’ve previously missed. Feel free to connect if we know each other: # Reading John Humphrys in Saturday’s Daily Mail on social networking & virtual worlds. He has no friends online? Virtual doesn’t mean unreal. # Maybe “virtual world” is a confusing name. Maybe “online social environment” or any of […]