BBC White City

Yesterday I got my first chance to visit the BBC Media Village at White City, a short walk from Television Center on Wood Lane. I had an amusing phone call with the client exec just before I left home to get the train. He let me know it was to be a relaxed meeting, and […]

San Francisco, Day 2

I awake to a dark and foggy morning. There is a false horizon, I can see only 4 blocks in any direction. My head feels a lot like the weather. Misty. Opaque. I was up until 11 last night drinking with some new friends. I reflect on how quickly one is able to make friends […]

San Francisco, Day 1

I love my job. I’m sitting in a 25th floor room in the Hilton, San Francisco, looking out across the city. Magnificent. I vow to ride up to the top floor later. From the 46th floor I will be able to see more than just this glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. I arrived yesterday […]

Machine Rooms

I work for a very large IT company. In dark, underground rooms beneath the ground, we have machine rooms. Different rooms contain computers for different purposes. One area might contain a few hundred web servers. Another room has machines used for internal purposes, like software development or testing. We don’t call it a server room […]