Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds presentation

I gave my usual presentation at the end of the conference yesterday, which sets virtual worlds in the context of Web 2.0. Here’s a the short version of what I tend to try to cover. I start with a brief introduction to Web 2.0. Since this particular conference was already saturated with people summarising Web […]

Sending big files over a series of tubes

I am supposed to send a 13 MB presentation to 6 different people today. After a brief period of investigation and asking around, I opted to try DropSend. It’s sending (well, uploading and hopefully emailing) as we speak, and it’s taking forever, wobbling between 2KB and 10KB upload speeds. Does anyone have any suggestions for […]

Conference – Social Tools for Business Use: Web 2.0 and the new participatory culture

And I’m speaking, along with all sorts of interesting people. Here’s the rough overview. I just confirmed the location and pimped it on Upcoming (which I wish more event organizers would do for themselves rather than allowing their Web 2.0 savvy speakers to do for them). According to the schedule My slot is the end […]

BBC 2.0

I met Jason DaPonte on Friday, who gave a presentation on the “BBC 2.0” strategy. Wow. These guys get it. I wish I’d known him a year ago, when I was busily telling corporations about how they should get involved with Web 2.0. I could have saved a lot of time by saying “look, this […]