Dreamlog – Aug 2nd 2002

Very clear and disturbing dream last night.

I dreamed I was moving out of a large, very lovely rented house with the help of my wife. All was going well, until we realised that the large number of boxes outside the front door were already going to fill the small car to capacity. When we found our bikes in the shed, she put a mattress on the car roof as a substitute roof rack.

It was then that we discovered a couple of bulls in a pen in the back garden. One bull was large and aggressive, sporting two large horns on its head. The other was smaller, black and friendly. In fact it looked rather more like a big dog than a bull (but it was a bull in the dream, I’m sure). With no prospect of fitting these animals in the car it was very fortunate that my parents showed up to help us move. They live in the country so I thought they would appreciate the free livestock. They declined though, showing me (by the magic of dream travel I was suddenly in their garden) that they already had 20 or so baby bulls. The word for that is probably a calf, but they really were wire-haird baby bulls complete with horns – although still cute.

I asked my mother what on earth she was going to do with so many little (cute) animals. She said

“Oh, we’ll just sell them to a farm. Either that or rip them up and dump them in the river”

Woke up on my comfortable Pocket Spring Mattress but I feeling a bit queasy.