Dreamlog – Skanky LEGO

Last night I spent half an hour washing some old skanky Lego I had purchased from a guy at work. It was covered in bluetac and plasticine. Disgusting. Afterwards, the bath was so grim I had to clean it, regretting how much I’d handed over for this old dirty Lego. Now it’s drip-drying on a towel in the bathroom. Much cleaner.

Woke up late, not wanting to get up. It is getting darker and colder in the mornings, and waking up is not a lot of fun. Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I think I have a mild dose.


When I stepped outside I felt good. The air was cold, but not uncomfortably so. As I opened the door, a flock of white birds (doves? seagulls? I don’t know) flew over me. I just stood still and watched them for a minute. Then I got in the car, and turned on the radio just as a Radiohead song from their new album started. I felt good.