Dreamlog – November 8, 2000

In last night’s dream, I was biting my fingernails (as I often do when awake) and noticed a very itchy feeling under and around my fingernails. I poked around (using a cotton bud or q-tip) and revealed a cavernous hollow filled with writing white-yellow worms.

I have had dreams before involving pulling large, earthworm-sized (again, white) worms from the sides of my fingernails, leaving being fat cylindrical holes of the same diameter as the invasive beasts. This is – it seems – as popular as dreams where your teeth fall out, or dreams where you can’t move. In last nights dream though, the worms were smaller – like thin maggots.

Having been pulled from my fingers these worms made straight for my eyes. I didn’t realise this until I’d seen something wiggling in my wife’s eye.

Next, I peeled back my the skin above my ears, revealing weird shallow hollows in the structure of my skull. Again, using a cotton bud I set about cleaning away a thin layer of stinking black filth that had somehow accumulated there.

I woke up feeling quite nauseous. A feeling that returns now as I recall the dream.

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  1. Have you any idea why you have had this dream? I had a similar one last night. The were earth worms that my dog was sucking out of the sides of my middle finger nail bed. A big hole let me peek down into and see there were more to get out. My dog got all but one small one that disappeared into my body. This is not the first time i have had dreams of worms!

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