Dreamlog – Dec 4th 2000

Unusually for me, I remember 4 dreams. All very vivid.

I went into a corner shop to buy a Kit Kat (a chocolate bar wrapped in foil and paper). The shopkeeper winked at me and showed me how to fold the wrapper in such a way as to conceal drugs in it. Suddenly the Kit Kat was enormous, and the wrapping was Tin foil and bubble wrap. There was a pocket big enough to hold a kitten in the wrapper. Later, when I woke up, I wanted to remember how to make that fold.

A middle-aged couple were having sex in a little wooden house. Disturbingly, their teenage daughter was sitting in the corner shouting encouragement at them.
“Go on Dad, f**k a stone off her!”

My brother, my wife and I were driving a big black car around the owner’s house. We couldn’t make it stop. Putting it in neutral and applying the handbrake didn’t help – It just kept on going. We were getting worried that we wouldn’t be able to put it back in the garage without the owner noticing it was missing. Eventually, the owner’s son hopped in and told us to drive it into the tennis court and turn off the engine. It stopped just before a high grass bank. Phew. As we got out, the car was actually R2-D2. The helpful boy looked at me, he was wondering if I was going to take it with me. “You keep the droid”, I said kindly.

I dreamed there was a wasp in my ear. No visuals, no-one else in the dream, just me and a wasp – sound and feeling. I woke up terrified. This has happened to me while awake before (though I was only 5 years old and so don’t remember it well). On waking, I was panicking. The change from dreaming to being awake was slow, and I thought it was happening for real. Relief when awake enough to realise it wasn’t.