Coca-Cola C2, a first taste

My friend Megan recently gave me a bottle of Coca-Cola’s new C2 which she picked up in Tokyo. This was a wonderful gift; I love Coke and the chance to try a new favour was very exciting.First of all, you should know that I had heard nothing about C2 beyond what Megan told me (it’s a new flavour which Coke has not yet been introduced outside of Japan). Since I couldn’t read very much of the label, I decided to preserve the surprise I would try it before researching it any further.

First impressions: the label is good. Even aside from the Japanese stuff (which is inherently cool to my western eye) the black on red C2 logo is pretty slick.

In preparation for the first taste, I put it in the fridge for a whole day, with a final 30 minute blast in the freezer just before lunch so it was good and cold. The first taste was slightly disappointing really. My initial reaction was “hmm. tastes like diet coke. But slightly less foul”. It had that same odd (and not very pleasant) aftertaste.

A bit of research later, and I knew why it tasted of sweeteners: it’s one of these new trendy not-quite-diet middle of the road drinks. It’s a half-the-sugar, half-the-calories, half-the-carbs drink, and, unfortunately, it shows. It appears that half-and-half drinks are quite the rage though, with Pepsi Edge also set to hit the shelves soon.

You have probably realised already that I am not a fan of diet drinks. Diet Coke is awful. Pepsi Max is by far the most foul drink I have ever tasted. Although C2 is better than either, and might well represent a happy middle ground between diet drinks and the full sugar real thing for some people, I must say I am not convinced it will earn a place in my fridge.

You might like it more than I did of course. Especially if you’re like Jack Black:

Now if you could take a Coca-Cola, and just go half Coca-Cola, half Diet Coke… cos I’m tryin to watch my figure… Tryin to loose some of the weight.
Tenacious D – Drive Thru

This, of course, is pretty much that.

Megan, a million “thank you”s for giving me the chance to try this before most other Brits get their paws on it.

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  1. C2??? Where is it??? It was here, now it’s gone! I’m a die-hard classic coke girl – unfortunately, diebetic now . . . diet coke is awful, I just got a case of ‘coke free’ and pitched it in the trash after one swallow! I’m diebetic, not dead!

    C2 is the first thing coke has brought out that is half way close to my life-long favorite ‘coke classic’! Now it’s not here, we can’t get it; it’s gone! I want C2 back!

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