Anyone want to buy a flat?

We’re selling our flat. We’ve always enjoyed living in West End, and will probably move to somewhere very nearby, but we’re hoping to move to something a little bigger. Ideally we would both have space to work at home, with a study for me and a studio for Rachel. Also we’d like to get a dog, so a garden would be good. Maybe kids one day. Who knows.

Our flat went on the market today. It’s a great process to go through. We’ve finally finished the decorating we started four years ago, and the place is constantly tidy now.

If you’ve ever wondered what our flat looks like, or even wondered about the floor plans, now is your chance to satisfy some curiosity. Of course, if you’d like to buy a modern top-floor two bedroom flat near Southampton and a short drive to Hursley, do let me know. It’s like Scoble’s sofa. But I’m less famous and the flat is bigger. Offers from £130k please.

5 replies on “Anyone want to buy a flat?”

  1. When I first read the beginning of this post I wondered quite how rich you are, but then I realised that you meant the west end near Southampton, rather than in the middle of London – the former of which looks one hell of a lot nicer.

    Good luck with your house selling and buying – it’s a pain in the arse of a process, but the pay off at the end is well worth it.

    Bear that in mind when estate agents are arsing you about :-)

  2. Hi minifig. And thanks. Its still fun so far. The first viewer came round yesterday, and the house remains fairly tidy and clean. You dont fancy moving south from London then? :-)

  3. Non-techie networking at work. By viewing your blog, I see that your wife shares with me a passion for textile work. You now go on my work blogroll, and Rachel’s site on the non-work one. Is she on LinkedIn, by any chance? ;-)

    Anyway, good luck with the flat sale. I’ll be rooting for you, having just traded in a 2-bdrm flat for a good-sized antique house, acquiring a bernese mountain dog in the process AND with hopes of converting the loft above the barn for a studio for myself. :-)

  4. Hi Kelly. That’s so cool. I had no idea you were into textile art. Rachel will be delighted. It sounds like you recently did pretty much exactly what we’re aiming for.

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