BBC White City

Yesterday I got my first chance to visit the BBC Media Village at White City, a short walk from Television Center on Wood Lane.

I had an amusing phone call with the client exec just before I left home to get the train. He let me know it was to be a relaxed meeting, and dress would be ‘very casual’. I’m glad I checked what he meant, as I was still wearing jeans and T-shirt at the time and had (briefly) thought, “oh handy, I won’t have to change”. Turns out the Hursley Geek version of ‘very casual’ differs from the London-based Client Executive version. Of course, he meant I didn’t need to put on a suit. :-)

What are those dots anyway? Glass BBC White City - Broadcast Center BBC White City - lunchtime

I got to do my usual (discussing Web 2.0, emerging technologies and virtual worlds) and afterwards walked around taking some photos. The atmosphere at White City was lovely and reminds me of very much of Hursley, especially when I arrived and people were sat on the lawn enjoying lunch.