Internet People dinner

InternetPeeps - Matt enjoys a Bobby Loch

I was invited to attend an Internet People dinner at Adam Street (just off the Strand) last night. The room was chock full of interesting internet people. The companies represented included New Media Knowledge, Inspiring Eve, Squiz, Directgov, Monochrome, Mint Digital, Sub Hub, and The Friday Project.

The food, wine and company were superb. I can’t recommend the InternetPeeps events strongly enough.
I somehow managed to leave my notebook behind, so some of my insights are temporarily innaccessible to me. Nevertheless, I do remember…

  • Moo (with its lovely Flickr business cards) got talked about a lot.
  • Second Life is not a game. That was me saying that.
  • Paul Carr has been inspired by a magazine to sell guns to children.
  • Deirdre and I share a common connection in James Governor
  • Niklas‘s cousin’s wife (if I’ve remembered this correctly) used to manage my previous department at IBM. He also has my notebook.
  • Apparently I should try Breeze
  • Robert Loch, who organised the event, has a cocktail named after him and it’s delicious.
  • The NTK newsletter is no longer updated. I somehow missed that. It makes me sad.

There was a lot more, but it will have to wait until I get my notebook back.

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  1. breeze is exceedingly slick. compare and contrast with sametime- i would be v interested to know what you think when you see it. i have an account so lemme know if you’d like to have a look.

    i had no idea were on the NMK tip – seems like it is losing people left and center though.

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