Real, or rendering?

My brother, Sam Reynolds, is a stunningly good graphic artist who specialises in 3D, though he’s also annoying good with Photoshop and v-jaying with vvvv. His job has even involved designing skate parks in 3D Studio Max.

He recently emailed me some renders he’s been working on. Would you believe that this is not a photo?

Sam ink bottle render

My own experiments with photo-realistic rendering are a joke compared to what Sam gets up to. My jaw dropped when I saw this. Click it for a bigger version, in which some of the details in the lid show up even better.

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  1. (Sorry for my English)

    Pretty easy to tell it’s a 3D render. From few angles to observe the lighting which can tell that they aren’t real. Real life surfaces would not be like this render so balance.

    As an amateur graphic programmer, I’m able to create photo-realistic renderer (lol they are full with noise). Most of the lighting techniques depend on advance DOF and dynamic ray tracing.

    There are a few renderer that can get to the near-realistic level. You may heard of Indigo renderer .

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