2006 travel

This year I flew to:

Which is a total of 24,375 flight miles (see?), the equivalent of once round the world. It looks a bit like this…

Map generated by Karl L. Swartz‘s Great Circle Mapper.

I already have the first trip of the new year booked; back to SF on 3rd – 5th January.

4 replies on “2006 travel”

  1. Nice abstract graphics, but the fuel burned in these flights (per person) is enough to heat a big house for a year, i.e. 220 houses.
    Btw. how about introducing climate change in second life …

  2. You make a good point woo. Much of my job involves telling people virtual worlds will let them meet up cheaply, and with less envionmental impact, than travelling for face-to-face meetings. Increasingly I *do* manage to meet people and give presentations virtually, but for many people the first contact still ends up being a personal one.

    I have wondered about making a contribution (and/or encouraging my employer to make a contribution) to a carbon offsetting/reducing charity. This seems to be the trendy thing to do, but I need to understand it better. I shall do some research and post about this soon. In the meantime, any suggestions you (or anyone) might have for the respectable thing to do if you find yourself travelling too much are gratefully received.

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