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Parking ticket: I didn’t even know they had hydrants – Roo Reynolds

Parking ticket: I didn’t even know they had hydrants

Hmm. Getting a $115 fine for parking in front of a hydrant means I didn’t get free parking for a day in Manhattan on Saturday after all.

Manhattan hydrant 2

No wonder there was a space there.

Thanks to Kevin Steel for sharing a lovely Creative Commons licensed Manhattan hydrant photo on Flickr. I was so annoyed that I failed to get a photo of the actual hydrant involved, but it was similar to this one. (And by the way, I hereby resolve to switch my default license to CC attribution later tonight. Right after I pay this fine.)

So, like me, you find yourself being an Englishman in New York soon, be careful not to ignore these expensive little metal posts of illegal parking.

2 replies on “Parking ticket: I didn’t even know they had hydrants”

  1. Hmm. This is harder than I thought.

    1. The website does not find my ticket number or (rental car) license plate. It invites me to enter a dollar amount to pay anyway, but without any indication I’m paying my fine, I don’t particularly want to.
    2. The phone number supplied on the payment envelope for telephone payments goes to the voicemail of an “artist and educator”, who is very specific about being an “artist and educator” and sounds from her voicemail message like she gets a lot of phone calls for the NYC Dept of Finance.
    3. The website reveals a different phone number for assistance with an online payment transaction. Hurrah. It’s (212) NEW-YORK, which actually gets you to a general catch-all help line, with some very helpful humans at the other end.
    4. They provided me with a phone number (718 935 0096) which is an automated payment system. As with the online system, no record of my violation is found.

    It’s been 2 business days since the violation, and I have 20 days in which to pay. I’m going to wait a little longer for it to show up in the system.

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