Kim comes to Hursley

The exceptionally clever and interesting Kim came to visit me in Hursley today. Both Andy and Rob were around to join the chat too, which was great. We talked about our shared connections, of which there were many. We pondered photography, the state of Web 2.0, virtual worlds and other cool things are going on out there at the moment.

We talked about presence services; Kim introduced me to Jaiku, yet another Twitter-like thing I’ll probably end up signing up for) and in return I introduced her to the term James Governor coined, and I’ve found myself increasingly adopting, ‘declarative living‘.

Thanks to our conversation I have oodles of extra things tagged in and subscribed in my feed reader. Thanks Kim. It was great to meet you.

2 replies on “Kim comes to Hursley”

  1. I actually missed the Jaiku bit. I did however order the book that was recommended within moments of it being mentioned.

    Great to meet Kim, and look forward to keeping the dialogue going.

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