Me and my avatar, morphed

Ian noticed Sqirlz Morph recently (via some rather fun composite Hot-or-Not images). I immediately started hacking with Sqirlz Morph myself, and found it to be much faster and more more powerful than any morphing tool I’d tried before.

Sqirlz Morph screenshot

Of course, the first thing I did was to morph my real face with that of my avatar, Algernon Spackler. The results are pretty spooky when animated.

The hair emerges from nowhere, but the other facial features are able to map quite nicely to each other, meaning the half-way point is a bizarre blend of my real and virtual identities.

Roo Reynolds aka Algernon Spackler

The real real me is in there somewhere.

Ian already posted his Epredator with spiky hair / Predator gear vid on Eightbar. I will probably make some more of these for other people over the weekend, and will post the whole collection to Eightbar on Monday.

In other news I have a long weekend off work, and took the opportunity to get a haircut ready for a TV interview coming up on Tuesday… meaning my video is out of date already. At least my avatar doesn’t need haircuts.

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  1. Hi Roo,

    Via some sites I got the impression that you are working on a translator for sketchup to Second Life. Can You tell me if there is any progress onit? And if it wil work on a mac? I believe Sketchup is Multiplatform but if your plugin will be to….

    Like to here from you

    Rudy Daverveld

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