Busy day tomorrow. Busy week. Busy year.

I had a long weekend. Friday and Monday off. Lovely. It would have been even better if I’d been disciplined enough not to connect to work to check emails, but I felt I should probably look for any urgent ones as I’m out of the office most of the week.

In fact, I just typed out my itinerary for tomorrow. Well, I say typed… I really mean I copied and pasted various address, phone numbers and maps into an email to myself and pecked a few times and stations in there too. I don’t have a nice process for this, as it’s not something I usually have to create. I don’t mean someone else does it for me (though that would be seriously nice) I mean my travel is usually straightforward enough for me to know where I need to be without planning journeys in advance, at least for domestic trips anyway.

Not tomorrow though. Tomorrow is a full of places to be and people to see, and I’m already really looking forward to it.

Here’s my plan (without the addresses, phone numbers and maps)…

  • Take the 08:38 from Southampton Airport Parkway to Waterloo
  • Arriving at Waterloo 09:53. Take the Jubilee line to Baker Street
  • …and Hammersmith/Circle/Metropolitan to Great Portland Street
  • Walk from Great Portland St to Cambridge Terrace
  • Meeting at 10:30
  • Walk or tube to Oxford Circus
  • Lunch with Kyb at 12:00
  • Walk to Great Marlborough Street for 15:00
  • TV interview at 15:00
  • Head to Bedales in Spitalfields Market
  • Drinks at 17:00
  • Back to Waterloo
  • …and home to Southampton

Phew. The rest of the week is shaping up to be pretty busy too; Wednesday and Thursday is a conference. I’m speaking on Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday I’m mingling, listening and taking plenty of photos and plenty of notes before heading over to Camden in the evening for another meeting.

Already excited about taking the second half of March off as holiday. I will not check my work email during the second half of March. Instead I will let people know I am away, and then be properly away.

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