Flying high with IMB, apparently

I have traveled quite a lot recently, but must confess to never having opened the British Airways inflight magazine, ‘Business Life’. It was something of a surprise to be informed by Andy that my name gets mentioned in the February edition, and it makes me wish I was a regular reader, and had discovered it for myself.

It’s a six-page article on business in Second Life (which starts on page 26 by the way, in case you happen to be reading this on a domestic or European BA flight) and includes quotes from and mentions of…

  • Philip Rosedale aka Philip Linden aka ‘El Presidente’
  • Ailin Graef aka Anshe Chung
  • Alyssa LaRoche aka Aimee Weber
  • Justin Bovington
  • Stefano Marzano of Philips Design
  • Brian McGuinness of Aloft
  • Reuben Steiger of MOU
  • Andrew Reynolds, “Metaverse Evangelist at IMB [sic] labs”

I wonder if IBM know about this unexpected job move? :-)

The brief quote about me says that I’m “helping [companies] explore the potential of becoming v-businesses” and mentions that I’m “very busy indeed.”

So they got everything spot on with the very minor exception of the name of the (supposedly rather famous) company I work for then. Superbrand indeed.