Sending big files over a series of tubes

I am supposed to send a 13 MB presentation to 6 different people today. After a brief period of investigation and asking around, I opted to try DropSend. It’s sending (well, uploading and hopefully emailing) as we speak, and it’s taking forever, wobbling between 2KB and 10KB upload speeds.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good file hosting/sending service and/or a decent presentation sharing site (I don’t care about preserving transitions, I just want people to be able to see and download the thing).

Now I’m regretting not making it an S5 presentation. That would probably be a much easier way to go.

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  1. Yeah.. I suppose I could just upload it to the box my blog runs on (I could even try this via WordPress, though I doubt that would be a fun experience). I should really re-discover my private key so I can ssh and scp back into this box again.

  2. Hi Roo ! There are actually a couple of options that you may want to give a try and see if they would meet your needs. First one is Rapidshare, an uploading Web site where you can upload files up to 100MB and then share the download link with whoever would need them. It is pretty straight forward to use and very reliable and, above all, very fast!

    The other option you may want to consider and which I have weblogged about in the past is called Slideshare, a Web 2.0 offering that allows you to store PowerPoint presentations and view them pretty much a la YouTube. Very engaging since you can save them to your favourites, tag them, rate them and comment on them. If you are not to worried about who should have access to the slide deck it may be what you are looking for. Hope it helps.

  3. I know one SL-based musician who uses DropShare to distribute MP3 based albums. It didn’t seem wildly reliable.

    My own method (as you’ve witnessed) is to temporarily upload large files to my home server.

  4. Roo, yes, that is right. Slideshare, unfortunately, does a very poor job using the PDF files, however with the raw PPT file it does a nice job. Perhaps the only thing you need to take care of is that your slides do not have too much text in them because otherwise it will just make a mess trying to condense everything else, but still I think it would be worth while trying.

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