Roo on Google

Google for “Suw” and you get Suw (Chocolate and Vodka) Charman. Google for “Matt” and you get Matthew (Photo Matt) Mullenweg. This way of finding people is definitely way more convenient than URLs.

It got me wondering about “Roo”, and when I checked I was pleasantly surprised to find myself lurking in the top 10 – currently 8th on .com and 6th on

But at number 4 (and the thing that made me smile enough to want to post this otherwise slightly narcissistic nonsense) is a lovely snippet from Wikipedia…

Everything you need to know about me

“Roo constantly gets in trouble but he always learns his lesson.” … “Roo is too young to know how to read or write…”. Yeah, sounds about right. Thanks internets.

Update (May 2008) – I just tried the search again. The Wkipedia snippet has changed, and is much less cute. On the plus side, I’ve moved up to #3 on and #4 on .com