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I’ve been fascinated with the London Underground since I was a small boy. These days, I probably see more of it than I’d like, but it’s still strangely exciting. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being in a transporter, and descending into the dark underbelly of the city only to emerge at some distant point in the city. It may be a smelly dark and dirty old underground railway but it’s a key part of the public transportation in the city, and keeping that many people linked to that many places is pretty impressive.

In honour of these wormholes that make up too much of my working life, I created a morph showing how the shape of the Central Line on the London Underground map differs from the geographically correct positions of the stations. It was created using Sqirlz Morph and wouldn’t have been possible without the London Underground geographic maps at Wikimedia Commons. Yay for them.

Here’s a thumbnail of the three stage

and here’s a link to the video on YouTube.

I may go on to try to morph the whole underground map into the geographically accurate version, but since the changes involved are quite convoluted that is a lot harder. At the very least I may end up making a series of these single line transitions. A series of tubes, if you will.

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  1. Cool concept. I want to see the full map, and a bit slower. How about fading in satellite photography… You could morph from the tfl train map (I’m more interested in trains, since that’s what I use for commuting) to the google maps satellite photography of the actual rails. If I get some time, I might have a go.

  2. Thanks kyb. I like your ideas.

    Thanks Andrew. I do have one double the resolution. I’ll try to upload it later, and if it fails I may have to do it from a faster network (e.g. tomorrow).

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