After work tomorrow I am planning to head over to Corbet Place for MiniBar4 at 6:00pm.

Let’s see…

I’m quietly hoping Jim Purbrick, Paul Boag and James Aylett will be around too.

And that’s just some of the people I know I know. There are probably some people I don’t know I know, others I know I don’t know, as well as the untold numbers of people I don’t even know that I don’t know. Oh, and Rumsfeld may even show up.

So, MiniBar. I’m expecting free (as in beer) beer, Moo cards, cameras and conversations. Can’t wait.

Post event update:

Andy and I met in a pub for the second time this week. It didn’t go unnoticed. I met Sig Rinde in person, having previously spoken on James’ phone a while ago. Mario Menti is a lovely guy. I was also delighted to bump into Deirdre Molloy as well as Jemima Kiss, and both Strawberry Frog and LPM were there. Lots of other people too. Good venue. Free beer (for a while at least). The presentations were a mixed bag, but interesting enough. All in all I’m glad I went, and would go to another one in the future.

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  1. Rob might be there, too!

    Looking forward to all these introductions you’ll be able to do, since I probably won’t know a single person.

    I’ll be packing my MacBook and 350D nice and early and wandering around London during the day – will be nice to have a day off :-)

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