Who says social media is all about what we had for breakfast and other wanky-navel-gazing? Twitter lets me share important (and not so important) news with my friends. For more interestingly though, it allows us to connect around the issues of the day.

I was at home this morning and Twittered the inception of a plan…

rooreynolds: Working at home today; haircut badly needed.

renzephyr: @rooreynolds wow you stay home on a bad hair day, that’s a respect for style even beyond @spin

rooreynolds: Seriously thinking about before and after photos for my haircut. Hoping to encourage other Twitterers that today is the day for a trim.

suw: @rooreynolds: spooky. I was just wondering if i need a haircut before I go off travelling.

renzephyr: @rooreynolds i’m good, i had trim recently

rooreynolds: @suw: of course you do! @renZephyr: get another one! @hairdresser: a little more weight off the top please.

jemimakiss: @roo – yep… You should pic-twitter…

And thus, it was done. Anyway, if James Governor can do it, so can I. I’m blogging my haircut. Thanks Holly. I look (and feel) more like myself again. This will really help tomorrow morning as I go to gorgeous old smelly old London town to help train some media relations types in the morning.

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