Links for Thursday 19th July, 2007

  • QR Code Generator – Something I’d like to do with the Moo stickers. Tagging the physical objects in my life with useful metadata. It seems Datamatrix barcodes can get even smaller. Yay.
  • [YouTube] Watch the World(s) – Vincent machinima – Art in Second Life. 4:17 of gorgeousness. Made by Robbie Dingo (who created Suzanne Vega’s guitar in Second Life.. which may sound odd if you have not watched the timelapse movie of its creation). I posted something about this on Eightbar too.
  • Full Text: Keen vs. Weinberger (Web 2.0 debate) – Debate on Web 2.0 between authors Andrew Keen and David Weinberger. I’m gradually falling in love with Weinberger’s thinking and writing.
  • MOO | Stickers – Print stickers using your images – £5 for 90 stickers. Moo strikes again with another digital/tangible crossover. Cute.
  • Jonathan Ross Has Replied (re Hotsauce/YouTube debacle) – “who else thinks that Jonathan Ross is extremely cool for coming online, being transparent and talking to dorks about this whole thing AND being understanding about the whole issue AND changing his company’s policy?”
  • Hallam Foe bloggers screening Q&A part 3 – Oooh, it’s LLoyd Davis asking the helpful question at the Hallam Foe blogger’s screening: “how can we be helpful?”. The best bit of the answer: “carry on the conversation”.
  • gapingvoid: the hughtrain – The Hughtrain: “The market for something to believe in is infinite”
  • » Virtual Worlds (Part 1) – “I agree that Second Life is an evolutionary step, but it’s a step backwards”. Physical metaphors for presence in virtual worlds do inherently carry the same real world limitations. Some great thoughts about where virtual worlds do have advantages too.
  • IBM Rocks (a mashup) – Darren Shaw’s very sweet Poly9 + Last.FM mashup, which which we see what IBMers around the world are listening to right now. Behind the firewall, we also get to see who is listening to what. For public consumption, this version aggregates by location.