I love everything about Moleskines. Here’s my square-ruled one.

Frog on Moleskine

I’ve actually been an admirer for a long time, but I think it was Sacha Chua writing about networking with Moleskines last year which tipped me over the edge. I don’t (yet) use her page number hyperlink system, but I do agree with her about the power and convenience of paper.

Rachel sketches at West WitteringRachel uses a plain notebook for taking notes and sketching when she’s out researching. She also has an 18 month weekly diary which I really like the look of. Amazon has a good range of Moleskines. There’s a nice list of hacks at 43 Folders once you get the right one for you. One thing I’d I’d really like to try is the idea of using one as a laptop drive enclosure.

Time to go shopping again soon.

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  1. Also love moleskins… started in 2005 and now have quite a few.. one for magic.. one for a diary to help me with my do it tomorrow time management system, one for psychological thoughts and notes (again magic related) one for the house (stuff to do things to fix) and a few others that contain odd notes and thoughts.. I use it with a small black space pen that collapses down to the width of the moleskin (and hence sits nicely at the top of the book secured by the ribbon and the elastic band)

  2. I’ve looked at the catalogue – is it possible to get any form of recycled paper?

    The manufacteur as well gives no indication if they are or indeed if the paper has been sourced from sustainable sources.

  3. these are certainly well crafted notebooks.
    I recently read that the whole marketing story about Picasso and other famous artists using it is fake. It goes back to a passage in Bruce Chatwin’s “Songlines” nicknaming his notebook moleskine and mentioning a french manufacturer in Tours.
    The recent italian producer tried to connect to this mentioned manufacurers tradition in 1998 but could never find any evidence of the original producer …
    Conclusion: Customers want their products to come with stories…

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