Links for Monday 6th August, 2007

  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger: “Killer Apps” and Virtual Worlds – IWB on IBM’s virtual worlds guidelines. On dreads in SL: “Before I could answer the question Philip Rosedale stepped in and said that one of the coolest avatars he has seen in Second Life is that of epredator, – aka Ian Hughes, –  one of our virtual world pioneers and evangelists.”
  • SlideShare: Slidecasting 101 – Slideshare now has a “slidecast” feature, whereby you upload a presentation file and an mp3.
  • Amazon Web Services Blog: Ka-Ching! (Amazon Flexible Payment Service) – Amazon Flexible Payment Service launched in beta. “In much the same way that S3 and EC2 allow developers to forget about leasing space in data centers, buying servers and negotiating for bandwidth, FPS shields developers from many of the messy and complex issues which arise when dealing with money. Once again, we take care of the “muck” and developers get to focus on being innovative and creative.”
  • Any mails – email as microbes – “Anymails is a visualization of my received emails. I have investigated how I can use natural metaphors to visualize my inbox, its structure and attributes. The metaphor of microbes is used”. Beautiful.
  • People playing chess on rollercoasters – Loving this growing list of people playing chess on rollercoasters. The geek meme-du-jour, thanks to xkcd.
  • “Guru interview” questionnaires for Online Information – One of my answers… “Q: If you were marooned on a desert island and were only allowed one item of technology – what would it be and why? A: Tough question. Presumably a fully fuelled Harrier Jump Jet would count as technology?”
  • Terra Nova: Social networking for whales – My first ever post on TerraNova.
  • ARTag – Quick and Easy Augmented Reality – Toolkit for quickly getting started with Augmented Reality (via Sam)
  • reactable software – ReacTIVision This is what the SLorpedo team used at Hack Day London 07. It’s very nice. Talks OSC or MIDI, providing coordinates and rotation for cute looking “fiducial marker” tags.