Dopplr, which I wrote about a while ago, has been quietly getting better. It supports Open ID. I can subscribe to my trips using iCal (or in fact anything that understands the Webcal scheme). Best of all, it now knows a bunch more places – nearly 200,000 cities, actually.

Here are some of my trips for the rest of this year.

Dopplr - my trips

I’m a happy user. If you fancy trying it, and we’re likely to want to share knowledge about when the we’re traveling, do let me know so I can send you an invite.

2 replies on “Dopplr++”

  1. Hi roo,

    Would love an invite to Doplr. Travel around Europe, mostly on business with Xerox. Madrid, Brussels, Switzerland, Netherlands, NY, all over the place…

    BTW where can I get an Open ID?


  2. Robin: Dopplr tells me that “someone has already sent an invitation to that email address”, so it sounds like someone got there first. Email me (or comment) with a different email address if you like.

    If you use, LiveJournal or VOX, you already have an OpenID. Otherwise, will provide you with one, or you could even run your own authentication server using phpMyID. More details (and instructions of how to turn your own blog into an openID courtesy of Simon Willison.

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