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Roo's Business Card(s)I mainly took this photo to use in presentations. A few people have suggested that a nice macro shot of a business card would be a good way to share those details in an attractive way.

Double bonus: the narrow depth of field means my phone number is too blurry to read.

If you need to contact me and commenting here, email, Twitter, Facebook,, Flickr, SlideShare, (etc) are not an option, feel free to leave a voicemail at at +44 1512 664264. This will let me listen to the message but also (thanks to SpinVox) transcribe the message to text for me and send me an email and text message.

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  1. You’ve just inspired a slew of copycat photos, I’m sure.

    Have you learned nothing? I believe Mr Governor was… disappointed by… the lack of an SL name on either business card… I forget the imaginative word that was used :-P

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