Happy Birthday (and thank you), SlideShare

It seems my presentation from yesterday’s talk at IT4Arts has been selected, by whatever selection process exists, to be the “slideshare of the day” on SlideShare. I’m glad I added the audio track last night.


In other, related, news: SlideShare is one year old today. Happy birthday, (and thank you), SlideShare.

4 replies on “Happy Birthday (and thank you), SlideShare”

  1. Wow, that’s really impressive presentation. You sound very clear and articulate… After seeing Rachel’s presentation too, maybe you two need to start a radio show.

  2. Thanks for the presentation Roo, and great to meet you yesterday. Just to say that I like your image-heavy, text-light style – I also think text is Powerpointless, and I learnt a lot from watching you present! Yesterday was only the second time I’ve ever presented, so my style is still somewhat unformed… Thanks for coming along.

  3. Very nice to meet you too Jo. I was very impressed with your totally slide-free presentation (I’ve still not been brave enough to try that yet). I was struck by the stuff you’re up with LSO (especially using Facebook to actually create a community rather than as a marketing vehicle), and I plan to write up my copious notes soon.

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