On Asking the Lazyweb: What Rhymes With ‘Gareth’?

Over a cup of tea this morning, it became apparent that Darren, having recently written a poem/rhyme/limerick in which he’d wanted to rhyme the name of our friend and colleague Gareth Jones, had given up rhyming using the surname because ‘Gareth’ was too hard. The obvious conversation ensued, in which we pretty much universally failed to find any rhymes for it, but I vowed to do some research.

My first stop was actually this rhyming dictionary, which suggested the equally useless berreth and schlereth. So I asked Twitter (which now also updates my Facebook status) . Here’s that request, and some of the responses:

In text form, with links…

  • Lloyd suggested tariff.
  • Minifig provided a link to this list of *eth words (which includes Beth, Elizabeth, twentieth, thirtieth (etc), Kenneth, Macbeth, and meth)
  • Guy not only suggests azimuth, bismuth and barracks but even crafts a new tongue twister: “Gareth’s got the carrots for the tariff at the barracks”.
  • Andy suggests Nazareth, shibboleth, breath and megadeath.
  • Jazz jests that Paris (with a lisp) is close enough
  • While my brother wrote mammoth on my Facebook wall (which will hopefully confuse some people).

Gareth: tariff, Beth, Elizabeth, twentieth, thirtieth, Kenneth, Macbeth, meth, azimuth, bismuth and barracks, Nazareth, shibboleth, breath, megadeath, mammoth, …

Thanks everyone. The internet is great. Hope that helps Darren with his next poem.

7 replies on “On Asking the Lazyweb: What Rhymes With ‘Gareth’?”

  1. Pls do not neglect ‘Harif’…the arab tribe headed up by Anthony Quinn in Laurence of Arabia. The ‘i’ is flat sounding, and thus pronounced more like an ‘e’. I knew my two years in the desert woudl pay off….

  2. So this is what it’s like to have Web fame… Social computing in action, very impressed :)

    ‘Paris with a lisp’ has gotta be the best – brilliant!

  3. Oh man, Mammoth… how could I have missed it? By far the best. There I was talking under my breath… “Barruth, darruth, lammuth, farruth”… but missed the only word that truly works. Zounds!

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