My Little Wall of Badges

My office wall is increasingly adorned with the various name badges and passes I’ve collected over recent months. Memories of some of the things I’ve done recently.

Badges and Passes

The photo on Flickr has notes for each, linking to blog posts about the respective events.

While many places request you hand your badge in afterwards, I try to keep hold of my name badge wherever possible. I was recently very pleased to discover I’m not alone in this mini-obsession. Both Ren (no relation) Reynolds and I had the same conversation with someone on the way out of Virtual Worlds Coventry (imagine “um, actually, I’d like to keep it if that’s ok”, in stereo). It may seem odd, but it’s become a habit.

At the risk of gathering even more clutter, I may even start doing the same thing with cinema tickets.

2 replies on “My Little Wall of Badges”

  1. I have pretty much every cinema ticket that I’ve used since I went to uni in ’98. They are dotted around the place, but every now and then I manage to collect them together into one box.
    Every couple years I find myself looking through them and being reminded of all of the good (and not so good; yes Rat Race/Transformers/Matrix Revolutions, I’m looking at you) films.

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