Recent Reading

Back in September, I listed the books I’d been reading recently. Well, here’s the selection for October (and early November).

Recent reading

  • ‘Miss Wyoming’, Douglas Coupland – not my favourite Coupland, but enjoyable enough.
  • ‘The Xenephobe’s Guide to Icelanders’ – a birthday present, together with The Wisdom of Crowds and EBC&B, from Kaman (thank you!). Very funny, as well as educational. Not as racist as the title would have you believe.
  • ‘The Glasshouse’, Charles Stross – a loan from Kyb. Really very good indeed. Better, even, than ‘Singularity Sky’. Stross may be my new favourite scifi author.
  • ‘This Wisdom of Crowds’, James Surowiechi – One of the many books I felt I should have read by now. Perhaps a little dry, but informative.
  • ‘Egg Bacon Chips & Beans’, Russell DaviesRussell is not only a lovely chap, he writes an excellent book. You know Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down? Imaging something like that, but for EBC&B, and perhaps even more charming.
  • ‘The Steep Approach to Garbadale’, Iain Banks – I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. The predictable Banks twist ended up being a little different to what I was expecting.
  • ‘The Gum Thief’, Douglas Coupland – multi-layered? A return to form? I’m still not sure. Better than JPod, in any case.
  • ‘Love All the People’, Bill Hicksa collection of shows, letters and writings. If you’re a Bill Hicks fan (isn’t everyone?) then you’ll love being able to see the way his work develops over time.